Zankyou No Terror Motorbike Scene

zankyou no terror 1

“Are you going to destroy the whole world?” Zankyou no Terror’s motorbike scene, one of the most memorable parts of anime 2014, seen through Fallen Angel lenses.

fallen angels 1 photo fallenangels1.jpg
 photo fallenangels2.jpg
fallen angels 3 photo fallenangels3.jpg
fallen angels 4 photo fallenangels4.jpg
fallen angels 5 photo fallenangels5.jpg
fallen angels 6 photo fallenangels6.jpg
fallen angels 7 photo fallenangels7.jpg
 photo fallenangels8.jpg

We rub shoulders with many people every day […]

That night, I saw that woman again.

I knew we’d never become friends or confidants…

… we’d let too many chances pass us by.

Wong Kar Wai philosophy tells us that Lisa and Twelve were doomed from the start anyway. The world of hit-men and terrorists does not allow for romantic relationships. But in this scene, Lisa and The Killer’s Agent did not care and just wanted an escape from their suffocating lives, even if it meant trusting unknown men.

The road home isn’t very long…

… and I know I’ll be getting off soon.

But at this moment, I’m feeling such lovely warmth.


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