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Many of you already might know him from his hit song “Let’s Not Be Friends Anymore” 以後別做朋友, which was the ending theme of TVBS drama The Way We Were. When I heard the song for the first time, I already loved it. The lyrics, piano melody, and soft voice meshed so well together. So it wasn’t surprising to me that TVBS tried to promote the song and rookie singer constantly throughout their drama The Way We Were. The main two characters Jia Ni and Wei De set it as their ringtones, stated that this was their favorite song, and even attended “his” (in which Eric Chou played a famous singer) concert twice in the beginning and end of the drama.
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I decided I wanted to start posting more entertainment industry related stuff. It’s hard finding an active english community for Chinese or Taiwanese artists and actors. I’m hanging out on Tumblr but the format isn’t viable for discussion threads. The forums I know of are pretty dead too. Now, I’m posting my news updates here in hopes to start conversation.

See below for Taiwan Entertainment News 2/5/15. Some highlights: celebrities respond to TransAsia flight crash, Shu Qi’s new films

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This has turned into my guilty pleasure drama.

Angel ‘N’ Devil 終極惡女 is the latest and seventh installment of the Zhong Ji series. New leads Simon (of Spexial), Teddy (of Spexial), Sylvia Wang, and A ‘n’ D are not the strongest actors, but in the idol drought of Taiwan, they are a fresh breath of air. It’s not surprising that this drama has become so popular among middle schoolers and high schoolers, also making Simon the current most popular member of Spexial.

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