Angel N Devil Ep 1-10 Review

This has turned into my guilty pleasure drama.

Angel ‘N’ Devil 終極惡女 is the latest and seventh installment of the Zhong Ji series. New leads Simon (of Spexial), Teddy (of Spexial), Sylvia Wang, and A ‘n’ D are not the strongest actors, but in the idol drought of Taiwan, they are a fresh breath of air. It’s not surprising that this drama has become so popular among middle schoolers and high schoolers, also making Simon the current most popular member of Spexial.

Plot Synopsis:

When the Copper Dimension is at risk of being overtaken by darkness, a group of high school girls sign a contract with Xiong Ya (Teddy), a guardian of light, to become K.O. Bad Girls and fight demons. One of their own, Xiao Yang, is killed, prompting the K.O. Bad Girls, along with her boyfriend Charlie (Simon), to find out the truth behind her murder.

K.O. Bad Girls:
Kate/Kai Te, the leader (Cosmos Lin)
Yan Yan (Lucia Chen)
Xiang Ning (Yu Ting)
Allie (Allie Ji)
Xiao Yang (Lyan Cheng)
Xiao Feng (Sylvia Wang)

Day Walkers – demonic creatures that have strong powers and can roam freely during day and night time, they live off human blood and can takeover human bodies
Night Walkers – low-level demonic creatures that can only roam during the night


Honestly it is impressive that GTV/Comic Productions has managed to create a popular decade-long franchise, Zhong Ji Series, and launch the careers of boyband F4 and Fahrenheit. While many other companies have tried to recreate the same results with their own idol groups, none of them can compete with the popularity of kpop groups or reach the success of Fahrenheit. Here, we have GTV and Comic Productions promoting their new groups Spexial and A’N’D through this continuation of the Zhong Ji series.

While old fans may be deterred by the new series for the lack of Jiro Wang and the lack of connection to the other dimensions and storylines, I’m glad that the Zhong Ji series have started anew with this drama. GTV can’t afford the big stars, like Fahrenheit etc, now to film ensemble dramas, so it is better to not include the old characters or else the writing would have to work around it.

I’m definitely enjoying this drama way more than I originally thought. The foundations for a great drama are there. Once you get past the “rookie” acting, the plot and the script is not bad at all. I’m liking how there is an overarching plot (the mystery of Xiao Yang’s death) but there are also subplots that allows the viewers get to know each of the Bad Girls better.

Maybe I’m fangirling over this series because Lyan Cheng and Simon are both super cute, and even cuter as a couple. I really like the set up of Xiao Feng (Sylvia) and Charlie’s (Simon) budding relationship, and Xiao Feng slowly replacing Xiao Yang (Lyan).

“Because Xiao Feng and I grew up together… our interests, hobbies, and habits are all the same.”
“Since you two are the same, I’m begging you, please don’t fall in love with me.”

I guess my biggest complaints is that while the drama shows us the background for each of the Bad Girls, there is hardly any distinction between them personality-wise. There’s strict leader Kate, always serious Yan Yan, full of sunshine and dimwitted Xiao Feng… Besides Xiao Feng, they basically all seem the same. In fact, I’m having trouble distinguishing Allie and Xiang Ning because the actresses also look alike.

In addition, their fighting outfits are too sexualized. Some them look outright ridiculous. And one of the girls is only 14 years old! Maybe it would make more sense if they had the same outfits every time imo. I would have preferred if they wore all black, like the first outfit (I liked their sandals the most) or even more “fairy”-like, such as what Lyan or Cosmo is wearing in the picture below.

Something that stood out to me while watching was why take so much time to wear makeup and change their outfits if people can still recognize the Bad Girls when they look at them straight on? If I remember correctly, that was used as a plot point in several episodes. I wouldn’t have minded more use of suspension of belief.

Overall, there’s a certain sadness that permeates the drama. Just look at the ending theme… it’s all clips of people crying. I can only hope that it ends on a happy note.

Last Comments:

Old fans and new fans shouldn’t be put off by the fact that is is part of the Zhong Ji Series… it is pretty much a stand alone drama with a solid plot and lovable characters, but still manages to stay true to the Zhong Ji Series with a lot of breaking the fourth wall, wordplay jokes, dumb protagonists, etc.

I have to admit that this drama gives me a Madoka Magica feeling where magical girls don’t truly understand the weight of their burden until it’s too late. And I’m also watching Yuki Yuna Is A Hero at the moment (another “dark” magical girl series). Hopefully the next 16 episodes will keep at it’s pace and improve even more.

* I wrote this review back in early January when only 10 episodes aired
* All pictures were taken from the series’ facebook page


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