Taiwan Entertainment News

I decided I wanted to start posting more entertainment industry related stuff. It’s hard finding an active english community for Chinese or Taiwanese artists and actors. I’m hanging out on Tumblr but the format isn’t viable for discussion threads. The forums I know of are pretty dead too. Now, I’m posting my news updates here in hopes to start conversation.

See below for Taiwan Entertainment News 2/5/15. Some highlights: celebrities respond to TransAsia flight crash, Shu Qi’s new films

  • Jacky Wu was not invited to Jay Chou’s wedding. Television host Jacky Wu (best known for Guess, Guess, Guess) was the person who discovered and signed Jay Chou, launching his successful career. Jacky revealed that he was not in contact with Jay, furthering rumors that they had a falling out because one of Jacky’s failed investments caused him to sell his recording company and (therefore) Jay’s contract. Jacky joked, “It’s okay if I’m not invited. It can help save some money. I should thank him.” (source)
  • Celebrities respond to TransAsia flight crash in Taipei, which killed at least 23 people. (source)
    • Singer A-mei wrote, “Let’s all pray for everyone on flight GE-235, hope everyone can be rescued safely, hope a speedy recovery for those injured, and good job/keep it up to the rescue team.”
    • Singer David Tao wrote, “Pray together and “jia you” to the rescue team. Let’s all send positive energy.”

  • Stephen Chow and Tsui Hark plan to collaborate on Journey to the West: Conquering Demons sequel, hope to bring back original stars Shu Qi and Huang Bo. The shoot may start in August for a Lunar New Year 2017 release, with a budget of $64 million. Tsui Hark would direct and Stephen Chow plans to executive produce. (source)
  • Shu Qi and Eddie Peng are reunited for the film 剩者为王 (Queen Stain/The Last One Standing). They previously worked together in 2011 for the romcom Love. The Last One Standing will also be a romcom, directed and screeplay by LuoLuo. The pic is currently being filmed.

  • Wilbur Pan recently held his concert at the Taipei Arena (Taiwan’s biggest stadium), which he previously had to reschedule after suffering a 17cm wound after hitting his head during concert rehearsals. The guests for his concert were singers Jolin Tsai, Show Luo, and Rainie Yang. (source)
  • Chen Bolin and South Korean actress Son Ye-jin are starring together in a Chinese film tentatively titled Bad Guys Don’t Mess With Me. This will be a romcom about a Chinese man who encounters a mysterious woman while on vacation in Jeju Island. The directors will be Feng Xiaogang and Kang Je-gyu. (source)
  • TV personality Makiyo’s mother recently passed away from lung cancer and a funeral was held. Celebrities like Dee Hsu, Barbie Hsu, Pace Wu, Blackie Chen and more attended. In 2012, Makiyo was arrested for assaulting a taxi driver, which led her celebrity appearances to a halt. (source)
  • Actress-director Sylvia Chang was named the “filmmaker of focus” at the Hong Kong International Film Festival, which will screen 13 of her films. Sylvia has a career that spans four decades long, and won two Golden Horse Best Actress awards and one Best Supporting Actress award. (source)

Feel free to request translations for anything or news about certain celebrities. ^^


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