Artist Spotlight: Eric Chou

Many of you already might know him from his hit song “Let’s Not Be Friends Anymore” 以後別做朋友, which was the ending theme of TVBS drama The Way We Were. When I heard the song for the first time, I already loved it. The lyrics, piano melody, and soft voice meshed so well together. So it wasn’t surprising to me that TVBS tried to promote the song and rookie singer constantly throughout their drama The Way We Were. The main two characters Jia Ni and Wei De set it as their ringtones, stated that this was their favorite song, and even attended “his” (in which Eric Chou played a famous singer) concert twice in the beginning and end of the drama.

Some information about him:
Eric Chou is singer-songwriter and is only 19 years old. He studied abroad in America when he was 12 years old and later returned to Taiwan when he was 18. On an episode of Here Comes KangXi, he stated that his friend’s mother was friends with Dee Hsu, leaving me to believe that he has connections to many people in the entertainment industry (his song Crying for ‘Xmas had lyrics written by Dee Hsu). On one of his MV descriptions, it says that he started writing songs at age 15 and decided to debut as a singer at age 18. TV hosts have pointed out that he looks somewhat like Kim Soo Hyun.

On his Facebook profile page, his About Me section states: Hi! I’m Eric. The previous me liked to practice independence, piano, and speaking. The current me has combined piano and speaking to make a way of conversation… Music lets me be more free. […] Please tell me your feelings, happiness, sadness, memories, and more… Let me be shared of the world’s corners. Wholeheartedly use piano, use music to make a marvelous life.

The Way We Were aired from July to November 2014. His song has garnered over nine million views now on youtube, which is impressive for a debut.

On December 24, 2014, he released his debut album Learning to Love 學著愛 under Sony Music Taiwan. He composed all of the songs and wrote some of the lyrics.

It’s so nice of Sony to make such pretty mvs for him. Tiffany Hsu and Kimi Hsia star as his girlfriends.

Here’s an interview (in Chinese) with WOW News about his album. He explains that he wrote about his loneliness while studying abroad because he couldn’t speak English that well. He likes his love songs, but hope that for his second album, he can be more experimental with the sound. He likes G-Dragon, Taeyang, and TOP because they have good stage presence. Both of his parents have become his own fans.

(I’m willing to translate stuff about him if any of you request it)

Anyways I quite like his music. The Taiwan entertainment industry is good at propping up singer-songwriters (just take a look at Jay Chou, Wang Leehom, JJ Lin, Kenji Wu, Weibird, Yen-j… this list goes a long way). His voice kind of sounds like Weibird’s but they have a different kind of song style. Sometimes, when I see Eric Chou seeing live on shows, I am worried that he might not hit the high notes. It feels like his singing isn’t that stable. I hope to see more of him, and I can’t wait for his second album.



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