drama review

This has turned into my guilty pleasure drama.

Angel ‘N’ Devil 終極惡女 is the latest and seventh installment of the Zhong Ji series. New leads Simon (of Spexial), Teddy (of Spexial), Sylvia Wang, and A ‘n’ D are not the strongest actors, but in the idol drought of Taiwan, they are a fresh breath of air. It’s not surprising that this drama has become so popular among middle schoolers and high schoolers, also making Simon the current most popular member of Spexial.

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sonia sui featured

A solid start for another charming Sonia Sui drama… and this time, is she building her own harem? Sonia isn’t my favorite actress, but she always manages to choose strong scripts with independent female roles.

Sonia Sui stars with the much buzzed-about male actors, Chris Lee, who recently won the 2014 Golden Bell Awards Best Male Actor for the family drama A Good Wife, and Hans Chung, a newcomer and also nominated for the same award for gritty prison drama  Boys Can Fly, in a mature drama of a writer trying to find her own Mr Right.

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